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Black Hate & ChaosWolf & Konkeror ov Forgotten (2008, split)

Split, No Christ Records
December 2008, Mexico

Band: Black Hate
Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Themes: Pain, Hate, Destruction, Depression
Line-up: B.G - Vocals, all instruments (Andramelech, Dead (Mex), Deep-pression, E.O.R., Infernal Hate (Mex), Lupus Nocturnus, Nostalgie, Secretly in Pain, Cold Wind)
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/trueblackhate

Band: ChaosWolf
Genre: Black Metal/Ambient
Themes: Lycanthropy, Nihilism, Satanism
Line-up: Lord Agaliareth - Vocals, Keyboards (Calvarium Funestus, Zepharnecron)
Berserker - Drums, Guitar (Spell of Hell, Calvarium Funestus, Cineris Requiem, Arsonist (Mex), Black Desolation)
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/chaoswolfhorde

Band: Konkeror ov Forgotten
Genre: Raw Black Metal
Themes: Pain and Evil
Line-up: Alemsahim "Nahual Coyotl" - All (Procaos, Throne of Naya, The True Malicious, Lux Eterna Du Mal, Merda Dei, Masturvania, Fornikation, Dawn of Faust or Dybbuk, Diarrhea Jacuzzi, Voodoo, King Kong Kum)
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/bmconquerorofforgotten

Album: Trinity of Wolfen Funeral Void
Year: 2008
Type: Split
Label: No Christ Records
Quality: MP3@CBR320kbps
Size: 111.69 MB

Black Hate
1. No More Me by Her Side 13:09

2. Spiritual Asylum of Despair 10:57
3. Mysteries of Chaos Pt. II 07:46

Konkeror ov Forgotten
4. Luster of Sadness 06:59
5. My Unknowed Funeral Cult 06:26

Total playing time 45:17

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