sábado, março 29

Hiidenhauta - Noitia on Minun Sukuni (2014)

The band was founded in early 2012 by Fornjotur and Riena. Ihtirieckos, Gastjäle, Marras and Rostiof joined the band in the summer of 2012.

Hiidenhauta's lyrics are written in old Finnish "kalevalametre."

Release date:March 14th, 2014
Label:Inverse Records

Country of origin:Finland
Status:ActiveFormed in:2012
Genre:Melodic Black Metal
Lyrical themes:Baltic-Finnish Mythology, Folklore, Anti-Christianity, Darkness, History, Nature
Years active:2012-present

Ihtirieckos - Bass 
Rostiof - Drums 
Marras - Guitars 
Gastjäle - Keyboards, Flute 
Fornjotur - Vocals 
Riena - Vocals (female) 

1. Tuhkasta 05:03
2. Raato 04:38
3. Tuo on tuuli nuolen tuoja 02:56 
4. Hiiden virsi 06:03
5. Sumussa soutava 05:08
6. Ruumisvedet 05:04
7. Kaartuvat 09:23
8. Sula pohjaan luut levolle 02:19 
Total time: 40:34


terça-feira, março 25

Summoning - Oath Bound (2006)

Summoning's first song with programmed drums (recorded in the Spring of 1995) was featured exclusively on the 1995 Napalm Records compilation CD "With Us or Against Us".

Michael Gregor and Mike Gröger (Raventhrone, Hollenthon) are not the same person!

Summoning was part of the Austrian Black Metal Syndicate, along with Pervertum, Trifixion, Pazuzu, Golden Dawn and Abigor.

Release date:March 31st, 2006
Label:Napalm Records

Country of origin:Austria
Formed in:1993
Genre:Epic/Atmospheric Black Metal
Lyrical themes:Occult (early), Fantasy (Tolkien, Moorcock), Medieval, Nature
Current label:Napalm RecordsYears active:1993-present

Protector - Vocals (tracks 2, 4, 8), Guitars, Keyboards, Drum programming 
Silenius - Vocals (tracks 3, 5, 6, 7), Keyboards, Bass 

1. Bauglir  02:58   
2. Across the Streaming Tide  10:20 
3. Mirdautas Vras  08:13   
4. Might and Glory  08:26  
5. Beleriand  09:27  
6. Northward  08:39  
7. Menegroth  08:12    
8. Land of the Dead  12:50
Total time: 01:09:05 


sexta-feira, março 7

Demonaz - March Of The Norse (2011)

Recorded in Grieghallen Studios and in Conclave & Earshot Studios
 Mastered at Strype Audio
 A&R: Jaap Wlagemaker

Demonaz also writes music for video-games, among other: Naval War - Arctic Circle and Uhr-Warlord.

He played guitars(lead) and lyrics  good time was Pure Holocaust, continued after writing the letters of the Immortal.

Release date:April 1st, 2011
Label:Nuclear Blast

Country of origin:Norway
Formed in:2007
Genre:Viking/Black Metal
Lyrical themes:North, Battles, Mountains, Legends, Snow
Current label:Nuclear Blast
Years active:2007-present
Size: 92,81mb

Armagedda - Drums (Immortal) 
Ice Dale - Guitars, Bass   (Enslaved, I, Malignant Eternal) 
Demonaz - Vocals (Immortal, I, Amputation, Old Funeral) 

1. Northern Hymn
2. All Blackened Sky
3. March of the Norse
4. A Song of the Sword
5. Where Gods Once Rode
6. Under the Great Fires
7. Over the Mountains
8. Ode to Battle
9. Legends of Fire and Ice
10. Dying Sun (Bonus Track)
Total time: 35:28