quarta-feira, junho 26

Wolfkrieg - Rage Of Werewolf (ep, 2013)

Release date:2013

Country of origin:Russia
Formed in:N/A
Genre:NS Black/Death Metal
Lyrical themes:National Socialism, War, Death


1. Рабское Бессилие (3:32)
2. Восхождение Черного Солнца (4:42)
3. Крада (4:14)
4. Ярость Вервольфа (4:42)
Total time: 17:10


sexta-feira, junho 21

Godcider - Triumph V (2013)

The band was created in September 2007 and locating in Komsomolsk-na-Amure, on the Far East of Russia. Before the creation of my own band I'm already had a little experience of playing with group. It was awful trash-death-black band, which is split-up very fast, without any record. (Ha-ha! Rest in peace, motherfuckers!) I have felt that can do something better, than just a one of a thousand local ephemera band. So, having an idea, I have found a guitarist (Psych) very fast.  It was hairy, gloomy guy and our ideas and dreams (to drink beer, play black-metal and arouse Armageddon) gone in one way at that time. We named the project “Fir Ghreig” (Megalithic monument in the north of Britain. The symbol of past Aryan power) and started to work on material and scene line-up.

Release date:April 19th, 2013
Label:Ost Legio Productions

Country of origin:Russia
Location:Komsomolsk-na-Amure, Khabarovsk region
Formed in:2007
Genre:NS Black Metal
Lyrical themes:War, Homicide, Anti-christianity, Blasphemy
Years active:2007-present

Sicarius - Everything


1. At The Gates Of Oblivion
2. Let There Be Darkness!
3. Where It Was ...
4. To The Greatest Man
5. Obscurantism Or Death!
6. Chaos Proclamation
Total time: 20:30


terça-feira, junho 18

Usurper - Diabolosis (1995)

Vinyl version released in 1996 by R.I.P. Records, limitation unknown
The first 1000 were misprinted and read UNSURPER on the spine!
Tracks 5 & 9 are from the "Visions From The Gods" demo, Bass on these tracks by Rick Scythe

Release date:October 1995
Label:Head Not Found

Country of origin:United States
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Formed in:1993
Genre:Black/Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:Metal Pride, Supernatural, Occult
Years active:1993-2007

Rick Scythe - Guitars, Bass (Tracks 5 & 9)
Jon Necromancer - Bass (Tracks 1-4, 6-8)
Joe Apocalyptic Warlord - Drums
General Diabolical Slaughter - Vocals (lead)

01. Hypnotic Void 06:29
02. Blood Passion 04:49
03. Full Moon Harvest 05:14
04. Nulla Sallus Extra Eccelcium 04:53
05. Deep in the Forest 05:56
06. The Infernal Storm 03:37
07. Diabolosis 04:43
08. The Ruins of Gomorrah 06:28
09. Dusk 05:53


quarta-feira, junho 12

Thor's Hammer - Fidelity Shall Triumph (1997)

Released in 2004 as 2xLP limited to 500 copies by Vinland Winds along with "May the Hammer Smash the Cross" album.
Tape version released in 2005 by Blutreinheit Productions, limited to 400 copies, with different cover art. Re-released on CD by Supernal Music in 2006, remastered and with additional bass and lead guitar tracks (both recorded in 2005) and with completely new artwork.

Release date:December 22nd, 1997
Label:Darker Than Black Records

Country of origin:Poland
Formed in:1997
Genre:NS Black Metal
Lyrical themes:Anti-Judeo-Christianity, Hatred, NS, White Power
Years active:1997-2003

Capricornus - Vocals, Bass, Drums, Keyboard
Boleslaw - Guitars

1. Fidelity Shall Triumph
2. Don't Let Your Folk Forget
3. Atheosophia
4. Nine Steps To Eternity
5. Apothetai (Or The Place Of Rejection)
6. Nothing But Hate
7. Surtr Ferr Sunnam


quinta-feira, junho 6

Graveland - Thousand Swords (1995)

The original tape version of Thousand Swords is on Darken's own label Isengard Productions (1995). It uses the first version of the cover and includes a short rant against Lethal Recs in the insert.
Recorded at Tuba Studio, Wroclaw in the days of eternal winter & frozen night of full moon (December 1994), at the gates of a new era. Engineered and mixed by Graveland and Grezegorz Czachor.

Lyrics and music by Darken, intro by Karcharoth.
Graveland's style has changed from raw black metal on the early albums to a more epic sound which is inspired by Hammerheart-era Bathory. Lyrically, on the early works Rob Darken was inspired by Celtic beliefs, now he's Wotanism-orientated and calls his music "epic pagan metal".
 Karcharoth R.I.P. - Commited suicide due to mental problems. Jumped from a tower in Wrocław.

Type: Full-length
Release date: 1995
Label:Lethal Record

Country of origin: Poland
Status: Active
Formed in:1992
Genre:Black Metal (early), Pagan/Viking Metal (later)
Lyrical themes: Paganism, Battles, Celtic Beliefs, Wotanism, War
Years active:1992-present

Rob Darken - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Karcharoth (R.I.P. 2004) - Bass
Capricornus - Drums

1. Intro 01:35
2. Blood of Christians on My Sword 08:05
3. Thousand Swords 06:32
4. The Dark Battlefield 07:57
5. The Time of Revenge 04:50
6. Born for War 08:31
7. Black Metal War 01:42
8. To Die in Fight 05:41
9. Outro 02:01
Total playing time 46:54