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Tribes of Caïn – Supra Absurdum (2004)

Tribes of Caïn gather in 1999 to unleash a unique, intense symbiosis of Black, Death and Thrash Metal. The band’s name stands for a deep fascination with unconventional and unorthodox paths.

But also Tribes of Caïn keep up with the times. The core stays consistent, the artistic conclusion prospers. In the year 2013, their musical form can be declared as an atmospheric interpretation of raw black metal.

Tribes of Caïn turn back to the roots. In both musical and personnel matters.

The return of the primal members Inti Sanchez and Sven Gryspeerdt revives the very core of the band. As lively as ever, the band is currently recording a selection of unreleased songs, which impress with their brute simplicity.

Release date:June 2004

Country of origin:Switzerland
Location:Zurich, ZurichStatus:Active
Formed in:1999
Genre:Melodic Black/Death Metal
Lyrical themes:Nature, Humanity, Personal Thoughts, Suffering
Current label:Unsigned/independent
Years active:1999-present

Sven Gryspeerdt - Vocals 
Reto Hofstetter - Guitars 
Chrigi Sennhauser - Guitars 
Inti Sanchez - Drums 

01. Intro
02. Decorated With Flowers
03. Step Forth
04. A Perilous Path
05. Tears Of Caïn
06. Dignity
07. Soliloquy
08. Supra Absurdum
09. Outro

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Fight - United and Strong (1994)

Unholy Sirkis (North, ex-Grom, ex-My Infinite Kingdom)

Release date:1994

Country of origin:Poland
Formed in:1994
Genre:Black Metal
Lyrical themes:Hatred, Paganism, War
Years active:1994-?

Unholy Sirkis - All instruments, Vocals

1. Our Fight  03:52   
2. Days of Victory  04:22   
3. My Fatherland  03:36   
4. Freezing Moon (Mayhem Cover) 04:43
Total time: 16:33


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Thyrane - Black Harmony (1997)

The band was first formed under the name Thornmoon, but renamed to Thyrane soon after. They started out as a symphonic black metal group and later evolved into a blackened industrial metal group on the "Hypnotic" album. "Travesty of Heavenly Essence" marked Thyrane's return to their symphonic black metal origins with industrial touches.

Symphonic Black Metal (early), Blackened Industrial Metal (later)

From left to right: Daemon, HM, KrisTonic, Blastmor.

Originally released as a demotape, later re-released on CD by Woodcut Records.

Release date:June 19th, 1997
Label:Woodcut Records

Country of origin:Finland
Formed in:1994Genre:Symphonic Black Metal
Lyrical themes:Anti-Christianity, Satanism, Misanthropy
Years active:1994-2006

Blastmor  Vocals, Drums 
Daemon  Guitars 
Avather  Guitars 
R. Grönholm  Bass

1. Black Harmony 07:54
2. Sacrifires 08:15 
3. Enthroned By Antichrist 11:08  
4. Satanic Ages Overture 07:53  
Total time:35:10


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Unhuman Disease - Into Satan's Kingdom (2009)

Release date:December 1st, 2009
Label:Astrum Tempestas

Country of origin:United States
Location:Stilwell, Oklahoma
Status:ActiveFormed in:2001
Genre:Black Metal
Lyrical themes:Devil Worship, Darkness
Years active:2001-present

Nocturnus Dominus - All instruments, Vocals (Antichristian Kommando, Black Devotion, Goat Terrorism, Rituals of a Blasphemer, Wudeliguhi, Forbidden Eye, ex-Thornspawn)   

1. Entering Satan’s Kingdom 01:07
2. Diabolic Devotion 07:58
3. Calling Of Satan 06:16
4. Demonic Unholy Night 05:11
5. Guided By Satan 04:38
6. Howls Of Sorrow 04:25
7. Into Satan’s Kingdom 06:20
8. Worship 04:01
9. Spreading The Disease 05:27
Total playing time 45:23