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Elderwind - Волшебство живой природы (2012)

Elderwind was founded in 2009 in Yekaterinburg by Persy Vyacheslav. After three years of experimenting with sound and preparing the material for the project, he joined vocalist Alexandr Sinyugin and drummer Andrey Bykov from Samara and recorded their debut release "The Magic of Nature."

Titles translation from Russian:
Title: The Magic of Nature
1. In the Snow
2. The Magic of Nature
3. Shining of the Stars
4. The Nature Stuck in a Dream
5. The Last Winter Night
6. The Coming of Spring
7. When the Rain Starts Again
8. Cold in the Soul

Release date:November 25th, 2012
Catalog ID:DSR 011
Version desc.:Limited edition
Label:Deleting Soul Records

Country of origin:Russia
Formed in:2009
Genre:Atmospheric Black Metal/Dark Ambient
Lyrical themes:Nature
Current label:Kunsthauch
Years active:2009-present
Contact: elderwind.band@gmail.com

Persy - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Andrey Bykov - Drums
Alexandr Sinyugin- Vocals

1. В снегах (In the Snow) 05:42
2. Волшебство природы (The Magic of Nature) 07:27
3. Сияние звезд (Shining Star) 06:04
4. Природа застыла во сне (The Nature Stuck in a Dream) 04:54
5. Последняя зимняя ночь (Last Winter's Night) 07:18
6. Приближение весны (The Approach of Spring) 09:25
7. Когда вновь начнется дождь (When the Rain Starts Again) 05:33
8. Холод в душе (Cold in the Soul) 06:06