sexta-feira, setembro 27

Benighted in Sodom - Anti-depressive (2012)

Split up temporarily in 2012, reformed and relocated to Portland, Oregon.

Release date:2012

Country of origin:United States
Location:Fort Lauderdale, Florida (early), Portland, Oregon (now)
Formed in:2004
Genre:Depressive Black Metal
Lyrical themes:Negative Existentialism
Years active:2004-2012, 2012-present

Matron Thorn     All instruments, Vocals

1. I'll Never Get Out of Here 01:44    
2. A Heart Is Forever 07:06    
3. Melancholy Infatuation Withdrawal 07:22    
4. This Affliction 05:15    
5. Divine Flesh Simulation 08:24    
6. The Archetype of Stellar Death 08:52    
7. Chamber of Lucid Dreams 10:25    
8. Anti-depressive 03:34    
9. Chemically Happy 05:36    
Total time: 58:18    


segunda-feira, setembro 23

Dissection - ReinkaΩs (2006)

The album title is stylised as "REINKAΩS", with a Greek uppercase omega.

Jon Nödtveidt (aged 31) shot and killed himself on August 13th, 2006. Swedish police found him in his apartment inside a circle of lit candles. It is believed that he killed himself because he felt he had achieved all that he could/was meant to in this life. According to some who actually knew him this was probably planned ever since he got out of jail.

The band first disbanded due to Jon Nödtveidt's accomplice to murder conviction. He was serving time in prison since 1997 until early 2004 and then reactivated the band.

Jon Nödtveidt Suicide by gunshot. Early reports indicated that he was found with an open copy of the Satanic Bible, but these were later dismissed by Dissection's guitarist Set Teitan. According to him, "it's not any atheist, humanist and ego-worshiping 'Satanic Bible' by Anton LaVey that Jon had in front of him, but a Satanic Grimoire. He despised LaVey and 'The Church of Satan'."

The said "Satanic Grimoire" is reputed to be the Liber Azerate, one of the publishings of the Misanthropic Luciferian Order, from which Nödtveidt apparently was influenced, his last album Reinkaos's lyrics being co-written by the very same man who wrote the Liber Azerate.

Suicide this Jon is a Aug 13th, 2006, release album date this a April 30th, 2006.

Release date:April 30th, 2006
Label:Black Horizon

Country of origin:Sweden
Location:Strömstad (early), Stockholm (later)
Formed in:1989
Genre:Black Death Melodic Black Metal, Melodic Death Metal
Lyrical themes:Death, Occultism, Chaos, Anti-Cosmic Satanism
Years active:1989-1998, 2004-2006

Jon Nödtveidt (R.I.P. 2006) - Guitars, Vocals, Songwriting
Tomas Asklund - Drums
Set Teitan - Guitars, Vocals (backing)

1. Nexion 218 01:32    
2. Beyond the Horizon 05:20      
3. Starless Aeon 03:59    
4. Black Dragon 04:48    
5. Dark Mother Divine 05:44    
6. Xeper-I-Set 03:08    
7. Chaosophia 00:41    
8. God of Forbidden Light 03:42      
9. Reinkaos     04:43 (instrumental)
10.Internal Fire 03:20      
11. Maha Kali  06:04      
Total time: 43:01


terça-feira, setembro 17

Almófar - The Dark Woods... (Melencolia...) (ep, 2012)

...Temps ne peut pas effacer l'agonie qui est déclenché en moi, la vie est teint en noir et le ciel, brune comme la nuit devient gris plein de tristesse et de désespoir dans l'oubli, combien pourrait vous voulez de la vie, il suffit de prendre des boissons inexpérience absolue amer et sans rendez-vous blancs routes glacées et charcuterie de la peau saignements notre être, la douleur s'empare de l'âme et regarder fixement dans l'espace, rappelez-vous ce que vous étiez ....

The project consists of one member who goes under the name of Unsilent. He describes his music as “Epic Dark Medieval Ambient”.

Type: Ep
Release date: 2012
Label: Unsigned/independent

Country of origin: Argentina
Location: Buenos Aires
Genre: Epic Dark Medieval Ambient
Lyrical themes: Woods, Melancholia, Psychology.
Status: Active

Unsilent. (All instruments)

01 - The Dark Woods...
02 - Melencolia...


segunda-feira, setembro 9

Slaughter Messiah - Deathlike Invasion (demo tape, 2013)

Tape limited to 350 hand numbered copies
Recorded between May and June 2011 at Karma Black Productions Studio.

Undergroud band for vocals line-up a Lord Sabathan (Horacle, ex-Enthroned, ex-Dying Corpse, ex-Dawn of Crucifixion, ex-Morbid Death).

Release date:2012
Label:Sabbath's Fire Records

Country of origin:Belgium
Location:Ath/Flobecq, Hainaut
Formed in:2008
Genre:Black/Death/Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:Satanism, War, Blasphemy.
Current label:Unsigned/independent
Years active:2008-present

Elliot "Sodomaniak" Spencer - Drums
Rod "Iron Bitch Desecrator" - Guitars
Lord Sabathan - Vocals, Bass

1. Slaughter Messiah 03:46    
2. N.W.O.B.H.M. (New Wave of Belgian Heavy Metal) 04:16    
3. Visual Aggression 03:24    
4. Dead Shall Rise (Terrorizer cover) 02:40    
Total time: 14:06


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Osculum Obscenum - Body Hurting Art (2003)

Carnifex Flagellum Cristus and Adamantos Flagellum Cristus are brothers. Carnifex vocals (Antichrist Hooligans, ex-Caibalion); Adamantos (ex-Caibalion, ex-Infernal War 666).

Body Hurting Art is a best album of black metal for me opinion. Its album is a single carrer for Osculum Obscenum band. Highlights songs for a Jesus Gay, Hail the Lesbians, Orgasmaniac... For all album is a fucking shit!!!

Type: Full-length
Release date: February 2003
Label: Sonic Death

Country of origin: Brazil
Location: São José, Santa Catarina
Status: Active
Year of creation: 1993
Genre:Black Metal/Grindcore
Lyrical themes: Satanism, Sex, Sadomasochistic, LaVey

Carnifex Flagellum Cristus - Vocals
Cain's Pawn - Guitars
Adamantos Flagellum Cristus - Drums

2.Prince Albert
3.Enraptured by War
4.Jesus Gay
5.Hail the Lesbians
6.Szandor (into my heart and my vein)
7.Caligula Imperium
8.Bleeding like Abel
11.The Praise (Oh Satanas)
Time total: 30:14