quarta-feira, julho 17

Burzum - Sôl austan, Mâni vestan (2013)

Sôl austan, Mâni vestan is inspired by and made for the "ForeBears" movie by Marie Cachet and Varg Vikernes, where much of the Scaldic music from "Sôl austan, Mâni vestan" appears, only in unmastered form, as a soundtrack.

Artwork presents the painting titled "Rape of Proserpina" by the Spanish painter Ulpiano Checa (1888).

Sôl austan, Mâni vestan is old Norwegian for "east of the sun, west of the moon". All the song titles are in old Norwegian. According to Varg Vikernes, this is a concept album about "a descent into darkness and the following ascend back into the light; the Pagan initiation, the elevation of man to the divine, the enlightenment of the mind, the feeding of the elven light in man".

Release date:May 27th, 2013
Label:Byelobog Productions

Country of origin:Norway
Location:Bergen (early), Bø (mid), Limousin, France (later)
Formed in:1991
Genre: Dark Ambient
Lyrical themes:Myths, Folklore, Odalism, Darkness, Philosophy
Current label:Byelobog Productions
Years active:1991-2000, 2010-present

Varg "Count Grishnackh" Vikernes (b. Kristian Vikernes) - Vocals, All Instruments (Old Funeral, Mayhem (Nor), Uruk-Hai (Nor), Satanel (Nor))

1. Sôl austan 04:22    
2. Rûnar munt þû finna 03:28    
3. Sôlarrâs 04:03    
4. Haugaeldr 07:26    
5. Feðrahellir 05:20    
6. Sôlarguði 07:11    
7. Ganga at sôlu 05:58    
8. Hîð 06:23    
9. Heljarmyrkr 04:02    
10.Mâni vestan 05:53    
11.Sôlbjörg 03:59    
Total time: 58:05    


segunda-feira, julho 15

Disjecta - Da Marmorea Lapide Ombrati (2006)

Release date:October 15th, 2006
Label:Vomitium Niger

Country of origin:Italy
Location:Ancona, Marche
Formed in:1999
Genre:Black Metal
Lyrical themes:Darkness, Anti-Human, Nihilism
Size: 96.63mb
Noctifier - Drums
Kathaarian - Guitars, Bass   
HaZYeL     Vocals, Keyboards

1. When the pestilence was born from a rib of evil     05:59    
2. Sunset of the human kind     05:09    
3. The eternal souls live in fire     04:40    
4. Repel the white light creations     05:21    
5. Inno a Nerone     12:29    
Total time: 33:38


terça-feira, julho 9

Cryfemal - Malicioso Sonido Putrefacto (2012)

Release date:June 1st, 2012
Label:Obscure Abhorrence Productions

Country of origin:Spain
Formed in:1999
Genre:Raw Depressive Black Metal
Lyrical themes:Death
Years active:1996-1998 (as Agaliareth), 1998-2011

Ebola (Muert, Stormvold, ex-Indomitus, ex-Postmortem, ex-Agaliareth, ex-Godüs)- All instruments, Vocals

1. Spiritus Molestos 5:19
2. El Cementerio te Espera 4:56
3. Suenos Perturbados 5:53
4. Animas Del Embriague 5:31
5. Alien Desecrator 4:35
6. La Locura Nunca Para 5:44
7. Orgasmadoom 5:42
8. Peste A Momia 6:08