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Exiled from Light - Descending Further into Nothingness (2009)

Full-length, Hypnotic Dirge Records
July 11th, 2009

Country: New Zealand
Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Death, Solice, Suicide, Solitude
Size: 56,1 mb
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/exiledfromlight

Mort - Everything (When Mine Eyes Blacken, Balthazar, Nekrofrost, Nystagmus, Winds of Sorrow, Schizophrenia, Serpenthrone, Beyond Light, Einsamkeit (Nzl), Funereal (Nzl), Our Diabolical Embrace)

1. Descending... 02:52
2. Further Into Nothingness 08:19
3. Neath The Oppressive Moonlight 08:47
4. Lurking Within Twilight 08:48
5. Suffering Waits With Arms Wide Open 11:12
6. Drowning... (Neath The Waves Of Melancholy) 08:48
Total playing time 48:46


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