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Nocturnal Worshipper - The Return of the Southern Tyrants (2001)

Full-length, Demise Records
August 10th, 2001

Genre(s): Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s): Occultism, Darkness, Ancient Civilizations
Origin: Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro)
Web: http://www.geocities.com/nocturnalw/

Thuringwithal - Vocals
Hofgodhar - Bass (Songe d'Enfer, Apokalyptic Raids)
Kataris - Guitars
Radagast - Drums
Amazarak - Guitars

01. Intro (Ave Satani)
02. Cold Mist of Funeral Empire
03. Prince of Death
04. A Comb in the Satanist Hill
05. Fury of Demoniac Hardvest
06. Ancient Flames of Darkness
07. Outro (The Altar)
Total playing time 42:27


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