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Perverse Monastyr - Perverse Monastyr (2007)

Full-length, Holokaustor Productions
January 2007

Genre(s): Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s): Mind Revolution, Religion, Misanthropy
Origin: Bulgaria (Sandanski)
Formed: 2000

Arkhon Winters - Guitar, Bass (Exile (Bgr), Primitive Angel Gospoden, Forgotten Forests, Morth, Snow Bird, Inquisitor)

01. The Christianity Killed Bulgaria
02. The Nuns Who Threw Their Own Children in the River
03. I Kill the Fallacious Prophet
04. The Cross is a Curse
05. The Cutted Monk
06. The Cursed Flocks
07. The Dark Cell (The Fifth Gospel)
08. Jerusalem is the Hell (The Jewish King)
09. Total Destruction for Them and Their Temples
10. Call for War
11. Let's Kill Them Forever
12. The Flocks Will Burn (On the Altar)
Total playing time 70:22


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