quinta-feira, janeiro 27

Ulfhethnar (Arg) - Essence of Superiority (2005)

Genre(s): Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s): Hatred, Superiority, Pride
Origin: Argentina (Buenos Aires)

Last known line-up:
Eviigne - Guitars (Campo de Mayo, Argenraza, Furor (Arg), Permafrost (Arg), Nachtgeblüt)
Narok - Bass (2000-2005), Vocals (2005-) (Furor (Arg), Permafrost (Arg), Argenraza)
Dyonisos - Drums

1.War Triumphant 05:06
2.Dirlewanger 03:50
3.Black Banner of Pride 03:20
4.Closing The Circle 02:30
5.Crush The Red 03:52
6.Elite Militia 02:04
7.Dim Light 02:18
8.The Evil In The Deepest of The Winds 05:50
Total playing time 28:50


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