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Enthroned - Carnage in Worlds Beyond (2002)

Full-length, Napalm Records
August 15th, 2002

Genre(s): Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s): Satanism, Occultism
Origin: Belgium (Namur, Namur/Ghent, East Flanders)
Formed band: 1993
Web: http://www.enthroned.be/
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/enthronedhorde

Nornagest - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Effects
Nerath Daemon - Guitar, Keyboards
Lord Sabathan (Franck Lorent) - Vocals, Bass
Glaurung - Drums

1.Boundless Demonication 04:11
2.Infernal Flesh Massacre 04:17
3.Spawn From The Abyss 05:09
4.Bloodline 05:06
5.Jehova Desecration 02:27
6.Diabolic Force 03:22
7.Land Of Demonic Fears 01:30
8.Radiance Of Mordacity 03:40
9.Graced By Evil Blood 08:18
10.Carnage In Worlds Beyond 01:23
11.The Septentrionnal Shrine 03:56
12.The Horny And The Horned (Impaled Nazarene cover) 02:51
13.Genocide 2002 04:42
Total playing time 39:35


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