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Funeral Veil - ...Visions Of Decadence (2008, ep)

EP, Valse Sinistre Prod.
April 15th, 2008

Genre(s): Funeral Doom/Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s): Nihilism, Psychology, Death
Origin: Italy (Codogno (Lodi)/Soresina (Cremona), Lombardy)
Web: http://funeralveil.blogspot.com/

Last known line-up:
Melkor (aka Blutrache): Instruments (Eru, Grind Hotel, Project: Stillborn, Merciless Onslaught)
Letaliis: Vocals (Deep-pression, Sehnsucht, Funera, Photophobia, ...)

1. Agony... 01:21
2. Visions Of Decadence 08:12
3. Behold The Spectral Veil Which Cover The World 07:23
4. Dissolution 03:00
Total playing time 19:57


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