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Ad Hominem (Fra) - A New Race for a New World (2003)

Type: Full-length
Release date :2003
Label: Undercover

Country of origin: France
Location: Southern France (early), Novara, Piedmont, Italy (now)
Status: Active
Year of creation: 1999
Genre: N.S. Black Metal
Lyrical themes: Anti-Monotheism/ZOG, Cult of the Self, Genocide

Kaiser Wodhanaz - Vocals, Bass, Guitars
Azk.6 - Drums

1.Closing Ranks 01:19
2.Nuclear Black Metal Kampf 03:50
3.Ad Hominem 04:22
4.Ritual Of The Depraved 04:19
5.Arbeit Macht Tot 05:02
6.The Dithyramb Of Sadism 02:34
7.Slaughter The Pope 04:56
8.Will To Power 04:57
9.On Your Ruins We March 01:10
Total time: 32:30


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