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Hell Mary - Belanglo Burial (2007, demo)

Type: Demo
Release date: 2007
Label: Sword

Country of origin: Australia
Location: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
Status: Active
Year of creation: 2003
Genre: Black 'n' Roll
Lyrical themes: death, hatred and gory tales of serial killers
Web: http:///www.myspace.com/hellmaryhails

Katie Saarikko - vocals/bass/guitar
B.B.J. - guitar/bass/vocals (Myrddraal)
C. Charles - drums

1. Goregasm
2. Dumpster Eulogy
3. Hour Of The Witch
4. Highway Funeral
5. Teufelswerk


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  1. This is my recording and band, can you please remove "pagan heritage" from after my name as I was never in this band. I am OK with you sharing the music but please update this incorrect information.