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Drowning the Light - The Blood of the Ancients (2009)

Release date:January 30th, 2009
Label:Werewolf Records

Country of origin: Australia
Location: Kiama, New South Wales
Status: Active
Year of creation: 2003
Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Lyrical themes: Satanism, Vampyrism, Depression, Occultism

Azgorh All Instruments, Vocals

01. So Far From Home
02. Night Of Neverending Turmoil
03. Chamber Of Lost Hope
04. Lunar Reflection In Blood (Vampyres Of The Old)
05. The Darkness Is The Guiding Light
06. Residing In A Kingdom Now Lost
07. Servant Of An Unholy Plague
08. When Dusk Breathes Its Last Breath
09. Victory In Sight
Total playing time 41:02

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