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Pagan Hammer - Pagan Hammer I (2008)

Release date:May 12th, 2008
Label:Nokturnal Transmissions Records

Country of origin:United States
Location:Sanford, North Carolina
Status:ActiveYear of creation:2006
Genre:NSBlack Metal
Lyrical themes:Nationalism, War, Darkness
Current label:Nokturnal Transmissions

Kurt von Ehlerson "Vampiric Tyrant" - Everything

01. A Test Of Strength
02. Pure Existence
03. A Fallen Warrior
04. Forseeable War (Odin's Sign)
05. The Rotting Battlefield
06. Wood
07. My Grave In The Mountains
08. Heathen Lands
09. Vampyric Moonlight
10. Sorrow Breeds Hate
Total time: 1:11:59

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