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Accursed - From Realms of Total Desolation (2004)

Release date:2004

Country of origin:United States
Status:On hold
Year of creation:2003
Genre:Ambient/Depressive/Black Metal
Lyrical themes:Misanthropy, Sorrow, Despair, Nihil

Tristis Omega Occulta - All Instruments

1. Prologue
2. ...in the Starlit Sky...
3. From Realms of Total Desolation
4. ...and Through Darkness I Conquered...
5. The Graveyard by Midnight
6. Interlude
7. Gaze Upon the Burning Banner of Christ
8. From the Halls of the Dead Part I
9. Ancient Evil
10. Fullmoon
11. Under the Banner of Intolerance
12. Bow Before the One with Horns
13. Interlude
14. Thy Infernal Will
15. From the Halls of the Dead Part II
16. Night of the Frozen Cemetary Moon
17. Epilogue
Total time: 44:57

Pass: mrButcher666

Thanks: mrbutchermusic.blogspot.com

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