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Eternal Sacrifice - Iluminados por Thabatherous Aleph... Musickantiga (2010)

Release date:2010

Country of origin:Brazil
Location:Salvador, Bahia
Year of creation:1993
Genre:Black Metal
Lyrical themes:Satanism

Magister Templi Lhorde Haadaas Naberius - Vocals (Transcendental Magick, Blessed in Fire)
Charles Lucxor Persponne - Guitars (Transcendental Magick)
Lucius Perpeetuus - Guitars
Marquis Orias Snake - Bass
Sado Baron Szandor Kastiphas - Keyboards (In Infernal War, Kastiphas, Mystifier, Forsaken, Transcendental Magick)
Frater Deo Sóror Comite Ferro - Drums (Transcendental Magick, In Infernal War)

1. Paganus douctrina: Opus III: The divine Hecate queen of the witches
2. The Lilith phasis cult: Goddess of the moon
3. Paganus douctrina: Homage to Fauno and Lilith
4. Blood on the altar of Akhera Goiti and the ritual to invoke the queen Lilith under the holy writings of Tamaschtu
5. Epilogue: Opera dei aurora mallus
6. Alcandro in the magick circle of the practice secret enchantment and his pagan rites in the Alkmeemom's kingdom
7. The malleficent witchcraft of circe that in the shadows transform men into animals
8. The twilight in the temple of God Baphomet
9. Aurum solis: Catharsisof a Himog illuminates for Thanatherous Aleph
10. The ceremony of pentagrams consecration
11. The ancestral dance of Thelema abbey... The nymphs are sleep
Total time: 01:12:22

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