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Baal Gadrial - Awakening A New Era of Darkness (2006)

Release date:June 2006
Label:Asgard Musik

Country of origin:Australia
Location:Sydney, New South Wales
Status:Changed name
Year of creation:1999
Genre:Raw Black Metal
Lyrical themes:Satan, death, darkness, evil, anti-Christian
Size: 57mb

Nightwolf - Guitars
Azgorh - Vocals, keyboards, bass
M - Guitars
D - Drums

1. Awakening a New Era of Darkness
2. Desent Into The Holocaust
3. The Heavens Ablaze & Pillaged
4. Dawn of War
5. Gadrial
6. Fragments of a Forgotten Past
7. Invoking The Ancient
8. Blood Soaked Shores
9. Oath of Glory


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