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Burzum - From The Depths Of Darkness (compilation, 2011)

Release date:November 25th, 2011
Label:Byelobog Productions

Country of origin:Norway
Location:Bergen (Early), Bø (Later)
Year of creation:1991
Genre:Black Metal, Ambient
Lyrical themes:Myths, Folklore, Odalism, Darkness, Philosophy
Size: 143.47mb

Varg Vikernes - All Instruments, Vocals
Pytten - Producer, Engineering
Davide Bertolini - Producer, Engineering

1. The Coming (Introduction)
2. Feeble Screams From Forests Unknown
3. Sassu Wunnu (Introduction)
4. Ea, Lord of the Depths
5. Spell of Destruction
6. A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit
7. My Journey to the Stars
8. Call of the Siren (Introduction)
9. Key to the Gate
10. Turn The Sign of the Microcosm (Snu Mikrokosmos' Tegn)
11. Channeling the Power of Minds Into a New God
Total time: 01:02:29


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