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Anti - The Insignificance of Life (2006)

Release date:January 18th, 2006
Label:Art of Propaganda

Genre(s): Depressive Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s): Suicide
Origin: Germany (Leipzig, Saxony)
Formed in: 2004
Web: http://www.myspace.com/antiofficialmyspace

Current line-up:
Anti - All Instruments (Eternity (Deu), Hellfucked, Signum Diabolis, Darkestrah)
A. Krieg - Vocals (Hellfucked, Darkmoon Warrior, Eternity (Deu), Signum Diabolis)
Zahgurim (Marcus Losen) - Drums (Paragon Belial, Bethlehem (Deu))

01. Nothiing
02. Landscape in Minor
03. Invocation
04. Farewell
05. Zero Point
06. Mourning Soul
Total playing time 29:17


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