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Nachtmystium - The First Attacks - Demos 2000-2001 (2004)

Release date:January 2004
Label:Regimental Records

Country of origin:United States
Location:DeKalb, Illinois
Year of creation:2000
Genre:Black Metal (early), Experimental/Psychedelic Metal (later)
Lyrical themes:Darkness, Hatred, Anti-Christianity, Drugs
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/nachtmystium

Tracks 1-5: "Holocaust Of Eternity" Demo
Tracks 6-10: "Split with Zalnik"
Tracks 11-12: Unreleased Tracks, recorded during "Unholy Terrorist Cult" sessions
Track 13: Unreleased Track recorded in a session between Nachtmystium/Zalnik split and the "Reign of the Malicious" LP recordings.

Blake Judd - Guitars, Vocals (lead), Bass
Aamonael - Guitars
Zmij - Vocals
Wargoat Obscurum - Drums

01. Intro
02. Holocaust of eternity
03. Under the horns of darkness
04. Hymn of hatred Part I
05. Hymn of hatred Part II
06. Infernal fury
07. Reign of the malicious
08. May darkness consume the earth
09. Hans siste vinter (Darkthrone Cover)
10. Within damnations gates
11. Mockery of the fallen saviour
12. Lust for war
13. Goatblood Sabbath
Total playing time 53:24

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