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Macabre Omen - The Ancient Returns (2005)

 Recorded during the Summer Solstice of 2004 at Big Wave Studios in Livorno Italy.
 Track 5 is listed as two separate tracks.
 LP release by Obscure Abhorrence Productions on white vinyl limited to 111 hand numbered copies and alternate artwork.
 Reissued on cassette by Thule Records in early 2008, limited to 300 hand numbered copies in gold cases with alternate artwork.

 Macabre Omen was founded in 1994 by Alexandros and Mournful on the island of Rhodes, Greece, in the town of Kremasti and Ialysos. Their first release was ''Secrets of the Moonlight '' demo '94. By 1995 as a four-member band with Alexandros on guitars, Lefteris on vocals, Mournful on bass and Stephen on keyboards, with this line-up they released their second demo ''Before Darkness'' in 1995.
 In 2006 they participated on the compilation by Kyrck Productions & Armour ''Hellas - The Black  Also in 2006 and 2007 two split 7'' EPs were released as a tribute to Bathory. Since 2005 the band is recording their material in Italy.

Release date:January 21st, 2005
Label:Blutreinheit Productions

Country of origin:Greece
Location:Kremasti/Rhodes (early), London, England (now)
Formed in:1994
Genre:Epic/Pagan Black Metal
Lyrical themes:War, Death, Hellenic Pride
Years active:1994-present

Alexandros - Vocals, Vocals (backing), Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Claudio Alcara - Guitars (acoustic), Guitar solo on ''In Memory...''
Gionata Potenti  - Drums, Vocals (backing)

1. In Memory... 05:37    
2. A Call from Gods to God 06:22    
3. An Ode to Rhode 05:51    
4. The Perfect Sound of North Vs. South 08:49      
5. Hellas - Ode A /Ode B 11:40    
Total time: 38:19    


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