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Demonic Christ - Punishment for Ignorance (1995)

Demonic Christ had announced Proscriptor (Absu) and Sabathan (Enthroned), as well as members of Thornspawn as new session members, but these never actually played in the band, finally being replaced by members of Teratism.

If we remember Dana Duffey from Mythic (how could we forget her), maybe we could have some dim ideas about what could we expect from Demonic Christ which is also her project. But we can realize that it's someting different this time.

They are a Black Metal band, and maybe for most of the fans of the genre it could sound strange (or better to say, lame) to see an american Black band, but it also proves that this genre becomed notorious and popular quite fast. And when the underground scene started to exhausting from new things, this direction could show up like some kind of revolutionary new way. And must agree that Dana Duffey and her crew chosed a not so usual way in the USA with this. There Black Metal haven't earned much success for some reason.

To describe their music, it's based on the classic Black Metal bands of the Norwegian scene, the sounding, the style, even the noisy, low quality sounding is just the same. The difference could be that we can find here female cawing vocals, and sometimes deep growling too, which are reminding to their earier season. It could be funny that they also taked the image and appearence style of the Norwegian bands, and I think the medeival viking style and rune writings are a little bit too absurd from an american band, but the music is good afterall. I like all of their short discography.

Release date:1995
Label:Morbid Granny

Country of origin:United States
Location:Charlotte, North Carolina (early), Ohio (now)
Formed in:1992
Genre:Black/Death Metal (1993-1999), Black Metal (later)
Lyrical themes:Gnostic Satanism / Occultism
Years active:1992-present

Dana Duffey - Guitars, Vocals
Duane Brown - Drums
Jon Vesano - Guitars, Vocals
Eric Saunders - Logo Design

1. Mendacious Messiah 05:06
2. We Have Risen 03:20
3. Concubine of the Gods 06:24
4. Slaughter The Sheeple 04:07
5. I Am Lord 04:57
6. Veins of Frost 07:57
7. Eve's Descent (Outro) 01:55
Total time: 33:46


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