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Vociferian - Universal Hate Decades Ultimatum (ep, 2005)

MCD, first 500 copies come with a logo-sticker.

Lord Genocide - See also: Alienante Damnation, Macabra, ex-Archaic, ex-Conjüratör, ex-Crux Dissimulata, ex-Goatholocaust, ex-Lüger, ex-Widomar, ex-Deathcode of the Abyss.

Release date:June 27th, 2005
Label:Infernus Rex

Country of origin:France
Location:Soudron, Champagne-Ardenne
Formed in:1999
Genre:Black Metal
Lyrical themes:Anti-judeo-christianity, Evil, Darkness, Death
Years active:1999-?, 2013-present

Lord Genocide - All instruments, Vocals

1. May The Holocaust Appease Thy God 04:36    
2. Angelskeletons Cathedrals 02:58    
3. Nuclearfrost Strike Part II     03:46    
4. Esse Dyaboli Et Infecta Et Inficiencia Annimas 04:49    
5. Universal Hate Decades Ultimatum 16:39    
Total time: 32:48


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