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Cry Of Silence - Wandering Through Pagan Times (2009)

500 copies. Available in CD version / A5 CD / LP 12'' Vinyl.

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust"

Majestic nature resurrected with eternal power to carry on, but never forgetting and never forgiving, never forgetting and never forgiving...

 ...and the raven cries misery upon those who are not worth living

Release date:July 2009
Label:Zyklon-B Productions

Country of origin:Greece
Location:Olympia, West Greece
Formed in:2006
Genre:Black Metal
Lyrical themes:Anti-Humanity, Depression, Pain
Years active:2006-present

Granath - All instruments, Vocals, Lyrics 
Tatiana - Vocals (additional), Lyrics 

1. Intro 03:21
2. Nocturnal Silence Creeps 08:54 
3. Tears of Mother 09:00 
4. Cry of the Raven 06:16 
5. Last Tears of the Wolf 08:04 
6. Forgotten Land 09:23 
7. Strength over Weakness 04:29 
8. Outro 01:57 
Total time 51:24


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