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Weakling - Dead as Dreams (2000)

Recorded at Louder Studios in December 1998.

The band's name was taken from the Swans song of the same name from their album Filth.

After "Dead as Dreams" was recorded, a lot of tales sprung up about the possible ways it could be distributed, e.g. only a few copies of the album were buried in the ground and maps were given to fans who wanted to find them. According to John Gossard, this was a joke between the band members, which later was spread by their label.

Release date:2000

Country of origin:United States
Location:San Francisco, California
Formed in:1997
Genre:Black Metal
Lyrical themes:War
Years active:1997-1999

1.Cut Their Grain and Place Fire Therein 10:28
2.Dead as Dreams 20:39
3.This Entire Fucking Battlefield 14:47
4.No One Can Be Called as a Man While He'll Die 13:09
5.Desasters in the Sun 17:06
Total time: 01:16:09


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