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Saille - Irreversible Decay (2011)

Founded in May 2008.

Sail or Saille is the 4th letter of the Irish Ogham alphabet, meaning "willow". The bandname is pronounced [sahl-yeh].

Saille is a self-defined epic black metal band consistently incorporating real classical instruments (e.g. cello, violin, cornet, trumpet, euphonium, grand piano, hobo) into their compositions.

Lyrically Saille handles ‘the fearful, the uncanny and the weird’. On earlier releases: Death rites and Forces of Nature.

Release date:March 4th, 2011
Label:Code666 Records

Country of origin:Belgium
Location:Ghent, East Flanders
Formed in:2008
Genre:Symphonic Black Metal
Lyrical themes:Apocalyptic Events, Death Rites, H.P. Lovecraft, Mythology
Current label:Code666 Records

Gert Monden - Drums
Jonathan Vanderwal - Vocals, Guitars
Dries Gaerdelen - Keyboards, Vocals
Yves Callaert- Guitars
Reinier Schenk - Bass, Guitars (lead) (track 9)

1. Nomen
2. Passages of the Nemesis
3. Overdose of Gray
4. Plaigh Allais
5. The Orion Prophecy
6. Revelations
7. Maere
8. Tephra
9. Tremendous
Total time: 43:23


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