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Rotting Christ - Triarchy of the Lost Lovers (1996)

Before they formed Rotting Christ, Sakis Tolis, Themis Tolis and Mutilator played in a band together called Black Church, which they started in 1985. They went on to create Rotting Christ in 1987.

Originally started as grindcore, but after Satanas Tedeum they became a straight up black metal act. In due time, with the release of A Dead Poem, the band headed towards the gothic realm and lost most of their black metal element. They started going back to their heavier sound on Khronos and on Sanctus Diavolos they blackened their sound even more. With Theogonia, the band had started incorporating many folk elements in their sound.

In 2012 the band announced that the line-up from their first three albums (Sakis Tolis, Themis Tolis, Mutilator, George Zacharopoulos) will get together again for a show in Nuclear War Now festival in Berlin, Germany celebrating their 1000th show and play songs exclusively from their first three albums and demos. When the time came for this one show the band actually appeared with the current 2012 line up and not the original as it was planned.

Release date:April 1996
Label:Century Media Records

Country of origin:Greece
Location:Athens, Attica
Genre:Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (mid), Extreme Metal (later)
Lyrical themes:Anti-Christianity, Occultism, Greek Mythology
Years active:1987-present

Necromayhem - Guitars, Vocals
Necrosavron- Drums
Mutilator - Bass, Lyrics

1.King of a Stellar War 06:17
2.A Dynasty from the Ice 04:29
3.Archon 04:09
4.Snowing Still 05:44
5.Shadows Follow 04:37
6.One with the Forest 04:35
7.Diastric Alchemy 04:56
8.The Opposite Bank 05:56
9.The First Field of the Battle 05:37
Total time: 46:20


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