quinta-feira, março 12

Põhjast - Matused (2014)

Imagine sitting by yourself on a hill in the heart of winter, in the middle of the night gazing on a lake, its shores packed with thawing ice.

The wolves of loneliness howl in the nocturnal darkness and the only light visible is the moon's reflection on the lake's ominous surface.

It's cold enough to freeze the life out of you; another lethal blizzard gnaws on your bones. You know you're not leaving here.

Release date:October 31st, 2014
Label:Stormspell Records

Country of origin:International
Location:Estonia/Germany (early), Estonia/Finland/Canada (later)
Genre:Doom/Heavy/Epic Black Metal
Lyrical themes:N/A

Gates - Guitars
Kalmos - Bass
Marko Atso - Drums
Eric Syre - Vocals

1. Till Dawn, Till Death
2. Rune of Dissolution
3. The Graveyard Keeper
4. November
5. In the Shadow of the Glass Cross
6. The Final Lullaby
Total time: 32:19


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