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Lord Vampyr - De Vampyrica Philosophia (2005)

Tracks 6 and 7 include quotes from Oscar Wilde. All music by Lord Vampyr, Count Morgoth and Alexiel, except track 8, which is by Lord Vampyr and Stefano Morabito.

Formed in 2004 as a solo project of Alessandro Nunziati, but later became a fulltime band. In December 2008, the whole band (except L.V.) was changed to new members. The whole Lord Vampyr lineup also functioned as Shadowsreign until September 2008.

Release date:February 6th, 2005
Label:Officina Rock

Country of origin:Italy
Location:Rome, Lazio
Formed in:2004
Genre:Symphonic Black Metal (early), Industrial/Gothic Metal (later)
Lyrical themes:Vampires, Blood, Tales, Occultism, Legends
Years active:2004-present
Contact: lvampyr@hotmail.com

Lord Vampyr - Vocals, Drum programming, Lyrics
Count Morgoth - Guitars, Keyboards
Alexiel - Keyboards
Nighthorn - Bass

1. De Vampyrica Philosophia (Intro)
2. Carmilla...Whispers From The Grave
3. A Sad Litany Of Vampires
4. Nocturnal Vampires's Orgy
5. Blood Lovers
6. Morgana
7. The Ophelia's Ghost
8. Die Herrschaft Des Bluts
9. ...Now...Sleep


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