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Negator - Old Black (2004)

Old Black was recorded in 2004 in the EiKey-Studio by NEGATOR. Mixed and produced by Eike Freese. 

Under that very banner this Black Metal-Machine – the Negator – was once forged in the year of 2003. Mastermind Trolfbert (Guitar) was eagerly focusing on putting his vision of extrememe Black

Metal into action. He found Nachtgarm (Vocals), Tramheim (Battery) and Berthelm (Bass) as proper comrade-in-arms.

As the music of the debut OLD BLACK (2004) did speak volumes, it did not take long until the album was properly released one year after Negator‘s founding. Press and fans alike pretty much showed similar praise of the debut’s spirit, which made OLD BLACK turn into a success story pretty much.

Release date:2004
Label:Remedy Records

Country of origin:Germany
Formed in:2003
Genre:Black Metal
Lyrical themes:Death, Chaos, Annihilation
Years active:2003-present

Nachtgarm - Vocals
Berthelm - Bass
Tramheim - Drums
Trolfbert - Guitars

1.Science Of Nihil 05:03
2.Free Bird 03:42
3.Der Infanterist 04:38
4.Interludium 00:58
5.Katharsis 05:57
6.Vernunft 1.0 03:24
7.In The Unholy Halls Of Eternal Frost 03:19
8.Renegation 11:10


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